Our AI software automates tasks across your entire business. Here are the main products

  • Maintenance
  • Showing
  • 24/7 Engagement
  • Live Chat & takeovers



Eliminate the hassle of property maintenance.
Our innovative maintenance platform will help your tenants troubleshoot their problems, to coordinate vendors and streamline the entire property maintenance; Keeping you on top of everything.


Tenant troubleshoots the problem

Diffe.rent’s is backed with thousands of maintenance troubleshoot stories so when tenant eventually opens a service request, it’s a real problem with a full description.

Tenant submits maintenance request by phone or chat

Diffe.rent’s is backed with thousands of maintenance troubleshoot stories so when tenant eventually opens a service request, it’s a real problem with a full description.

Manager approves/rejects and forward

Manager views the request information and can reject / forward to his preferred vendor. You can also set an auto-vendor assignment to automatically forward request to a predefined vendor.

Diffe.Rent coordinate between tenant and vendor

Once a request was forward to your vendor, Diffe.rent will take care to the scheduling process between the tenant and vendor; keeping you on top of things.

Conversational interface

Tenants, vendors, owners, managers and even office workers can easily communicate

Tenant submit feedback

Once work is done, your tenant will prompt with a review.


Scheduling self and guided showings have never been so easy with our Seamless Integration. Since our AI can understand listing pages, you can keep working as usual in your property management platform and see your calendar filled with qualified leads. Diffe.rent is your new personal scheduling assistant (chat & phone) that works 24/7 for you.
So all you have to do is be on time.

Schedule showings right from your website

Diffe.rent’s AI connect to your listing team’s calendar to pull availability and schedule showings after a lead is qualified.

Prospect schedule showing directly from your website/listing and gets confirmation SMS & reminders with showing information.

The event gets instantly created on your agent calendar in addition to an email with all the information.

Web page

All showings, scheduling, and rescheduling are also possible through a web page with available time frames

Schedule showings right from your business phone

Share our showing phone number on your listings and spend more of your time renting and less of it scheduling.

Convert email leads and inquiries to a scheduled showing

Are you getting hundreds of emails and leads inquiring about your properties from different listings sites (Zillow, Trulia, etc.)? Let Diffe.rent do the tedious work for you. We use machine learning and natural language processing to automatically opt recipients out of emails and reply them with answers and scheduling options.

*Can also be set-up to SMS & Email.
*We support guided and self-showing

24/7 Engagement

Automate Q&A with Smart Knowledge Base

Let Aiden answer questions for your customers on your website so your team can focus on management. Diffe.rent’s AI can check your knowledge base and provide answers in real time.

Qualify leads 24/7 on your website without forms

What you should really care about is response time. Because if you wait a few minutes to respond to an inquiry, you are more likely to lose that lead. That’s where Diffe.rent can help and automatically qualify leads 24/7 on your website

Give your website a personal assistant

Yes, you know your website and policies like the palm of your hand ✋, but its not the same with a rushing prospect wondering about your pet policy or for a stressed tenant who don’t want to miss his due date. Let Aiden help your clients to get what they need on the spot! And reduce the amount of FAQ call to your office.

Boost Your Google Rating

Today, when you are looking for a hotel, you will check his rating first. Same with property management.
With an AI that routs satisfied clients to rate you, and the dissatisfied to send you their comments. Be sure you improve your customer support and ranking.

Conversations. Not Forms

The new way to work with applicants and customers











Bot qualifies prospective for you 24/7

You spend time only with qualified leads

Live Chat & Takeovers

Get Real-Time Alerts When Owners Are On Your Website

You spend so much time and money getting owners to come to your website, and once they get there, they're left to find answers on their own or fill out forms which they unlikely to do. Diffe.rent ensures that you and your staff will be notified of new potential owners on your website so they can takeover the conversation in real time and make a conversion.

Improved Customer Service and Loyalty

Live chat provides your website visitors with instant access to your staff. When your visitors can easily contact you with any questions or problems that they may have, they will be more confident in your company as a property manager and a source of valuable knowledge and support

Take a Proactive approach

Today, millennials prefer chatting this is why proactively joining a conversation in real time is truly a powerful strategy. Diffe.rent can alert your office staff on website visitor arrivals so they can initiate conversations. This type of proactive chat initiation can help visitors find the information they require faster and potentially convert more browsers into clients.

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