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AI Phone bot for productive workdays

AI Phone assistant for Office Work, Showing and Maintenance Troubleshooting

Aiden – Artificial intelligence assistant for office work, showing automation and maintenance coordination.
Made especially for property managers.

Office Work

Share your calendar with Aiden and he will schedule your meetings with clients, leads and prospects 24/7, so you never miss an opportunity.

Showing Automation

Automate your leasing process. Aiden knows your listing. He will handle phone calls, answer relevant questions, qualify potential renters, and will help with schedule guided showing.

Troubleshoot maintenance

Aiden is an expert in maintenance. He will help your tenants to troubleshoot maintenance problems and submit requests in their portal. (In some resident portals, by himself). If needed he will forward the problem to your office or predefined vendor.

Self showing (coming soon)

Take the advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Aiden can handle and schedule self showing using smart key box.

Vendor coordination (coming soon)

Aiden is about to perform complete coordination between tenant and the vendor while keeping you on top of things.

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Reduce costs and boost your portfolio

Using AI you can boost your business. Manage 3 times more properties with the same office team.

Save 73.1 hour/month and get back $2,886 in time saved, which is 2,786% ROI.
* based on average salary of $ 39.48 /hour and 10 meetings per day

Unbeatable Price

Simple, fair, intuitive. Pay 15c per minute

*Phone bot service is at BETA version

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